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Re: Shattered knee?
Oct 14, 2010
Hi again. Glad you saw the doc and yes, hyper-extending can do a lot of damage but in a weird kind of stretches and pulls everything and that takes a lot of time to heal. It's what they call a soft tissue injury.

As for the back of the knee pain, there is another bursa in the back of the knee that becomes a "garbage can" for the knee. Bits of ground up cartilage and other debris collect in that bursa and it swells up. Then they call it a "Baker's Cyst" after the guy who figured out what was going on. Should have been Baker's bursitis but it got erroneously called a cyst and it has stuck. As the body slowly absorbs what is in there, it will go down and the pain will disappear. But it is pretty indicative that you did something to your knee.

Give it a couple more weeks and be aware that an MRI of the knee can cost thousands. And since you are finally starting to heal, you may just want to give it even more time. As long as it is getting steadily better, then leave it alone and just be very careful to not aggravate it for a while.

After scaring you, here is my rationale for saying to give it more time and no MRI. If you get an MRI and find you have a torn meniscus(for example) you don't have the insurance to have it fixed anyhow so why waste the money to find out you have a problem you can't fix. Most problems within the knee joint require some kind of surgery. But yet prior to MRI's these same injuries were treated with lots of rest for the joint and most did quite well with just that. It's "elective surgery"...if you elect to pay and endure it, then have it. If you elect to not spend $10,000, then ride it out. Chances are you won't do too much damage to your knee joint. And if it was a case of hyper-extension, then nothing will show up at all. It's all in the soft tissues around the outside of the knee...soft tissues that take forever to heal up. And if the bursa is inflamed, that can take a long time on top of it.

I wouldn't put yourself in debt....I'd wait longer. See if it heals on it's own. But if it stops progressing....the pain stays and does not slowly fade, then you should consider finding out what is wrong with an MRI. As long as the pain keeps fading, then keep waiting.

Now that wasn't scary was it! Not Halloween yet!


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