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Knee and calf pain
Oct 5, 2010
Hey everyone. Just joined to see if i can get some answers from anyone with knowledge about my problem.
Last august my right leg was crushed at work between an electric burden carrier and a guard rail. It hit me at an angle twisting my knee and calf and pinning me between the car and rail. The only way to get out was for him to back up which caused my knee and calf to twist back the other direction. This caused a tear in my medial meniscus which i had repaired in december by arthroscopic surgery. I went through a few months of physical therapy and returned to work in mid april. I was put on light duty for 2 months since i had been off work for about 8 months. The popping and swelling of the knee are gone. I still get the occasional locking up. Now before i returned to work on full duty in june i told my ortho that i was getting sharp pain on the inside of my knee and down the inside of my calf which was also very sensitive to the touch. He told me it sounded like i had pes-tendonitis in that area and prescribed me 800mg ibuprofen to take 3 times a day. After doing this for 6 weeks i returned to him and told him i was still in pain but now the pain was behind the knee and in the back of the calf also. But this time the diagnosis was damage to the medial head of my gastroc muscle caused by the impact and crushing. He told me to continue with the ibuprofen and released me as permanent stationary. But he wants an mri in december which would be a year after the meniscus repair. I told him i think i need one now but he didnt think it was necessary. Not satisfied i have made an appointment with a new doctor which i see next week. Today i am still working and still have pain on the inside of the knee down the inside and back of my calf and behind the knee. The inside of the knee is very sensitive and when i bend my knee a certain way a bulge the size of a cut in half baseball appears. My work involves being outside and walking on uneven ground and going up and down stairs all day. I am in pain all night at work especially when the weather is cold. I drive to work 40 minutes each direction and even that is becoming difficult to do. I can not do any of my recreational activities which include softball and riding quads. I now take my norco from post surgery to fall asleep. Any ideas??? Im thinking i need an mri of everything and not just my knee which is what the original mri showed. And sorry for the super long post...if you are still reading this.

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