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Hi there - I am an active, fit 51 year old woman - had 3 previous right knee surgeries over 20 years - 1 lateral release and 2 normal arthroscopic clean up the "gunk" etc. Recovery excellent and very active since.

Since Feb 2010, that same right knee has been "catching" when I cross my ankles or right leg is crossed over top of left - and then pops back to normal on extension. There was no trauma to cause this - I suspect part is aging and wear and tear - but knee is incredibly swollen (lots of fluid, though very little pain except when catching) - and have done all proper things to try to heal it.

Curious if it could be lateral meniscus tear or...? any thoughts? has anyone had the same thing? what was your solution? surgery?

In the meantime, I am in the cue for an MRI which will probably be in about 3 months.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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