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Hi, i am 25 years old female with 2 children ages 5yrs and 2 years.

my half brother has cmt (charcot marie tooth desease)

When i was about 4 years old i have irratable hip and spent 2 weeks in hospital on strict bed rest.

For as long as i can remember i get bad pains in my groin area near my hips, if i walk too far or some times nothing triggers it and i wake up with the pain.
It feels like some things going to move out of place if i move my leg so far.
ive had 1 x ray which was normal, ive had no scans. ive had physiotherepy twice but nothing helped infact that made it worse. he said my muscles are probably just really weak near my hips.

i do karate and when i do kick itfeels like i cant physically move my leg any more. and now tonight, all i did was turn my body around and i felt the worst pain in my hip ive ever felt and now its throbbing and sore dull ache, something i get a sudden sharp pain some times its a continuous pain.

my hips also click and clunk now n again. i just really wouild like to know whats wrong and why i have this doctors always send me for physio which is really un helpful.

sorry i went on ... :)

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