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I tore both at the same time along with the medial collateral ligaments so I've been there. And it wasn't fixed for 2 years's what I remember...

A torn ACL gives you a lot of instability. You feel like you are standing on jello. The ACL keeps your joint centered so with it gone and only the PCL left, you slide on the joint surface.

A torn meniscus has other symptoms. You knee might lock in place while bending it or going up you have something wedged in the joint. It will then just as suddenly let go as the wedge moves. Or the opposite when you are going may suddenly give away and you almost fall. Basically, a full tear leaves a piece of cartilage floating around in the joint so it can do all sorts of weird things. Think of it like a ball bearing that is rolling around and you never know when it will get wedged, or push out against the knee cap or a ligament or get right under the joint and you feel like your knee joint is being stretched.

It is sometimes almost impossible to detect which is which. But if you feel a "pop" when it wedges, then you know you just got the piece of meniscus to pop put of wherever it is.

Only an MRI will tell you what you did, if anything.

good luck.............Jenny

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