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I haven't seen an ortho. It's on my list of things to do (that never get done). Unless the pain comes back, I doubt I'll be seeing one this year. Just bein' honest...

Right now, it's sore. A lot of the pain is starting at the skin though, and I think the brace has given me a bruise. I haven't tried walking much without the brace, as I'm afraid I'll tear something big time while it's just me and the kids. From time to time, now (and in previous episodes) I get a burning sensation on the inside of my knee. It feels like a pinch, lasts about half an hour and gets better with rubbing. Pertinent?

When I was in volleyball and track, I used to wear a sleeve-type brace with boning in it. I don't have any problems with my kneecap (as far as I can tell), so something that's full coverage would be awesome. The bruise seems to be right where the hinge piece is above the patella opening.

I also just realized I didn't include any of my stats. I'm 25 and just lost a significant amount of weight (75 pounds), although I'm still about 15 pounds over. Ironically, all this started *after* I'd lost a good chunk of the weight, probably because I was reveling in my new found spryness. I'm not currently involved in any exercise regime beyond house-wifery and running after four little ones (and a dog).
How about wearing the brace over something thinner than jeans? It might work better if you wore something like leggings of some kind. I remember my brace had a neoprene sleeve that went under it to cushion it so if you wore something very fitted so material didn't bunch up under it, then you should be okay with the brace on. I do remember having bruising on the inside of my knee too with some other non-fitted braces.

You could try putting a soft piece of material in that area or taking an old sock and removing the foot and pulling it up under the brace.

Do you think the brace is digging into you or just rubbing and creating constant friction and that is resulting in the bruising? Before knee braces were readily available, my ortho used to cut thick pieces of felt to put under braces to cushion them.

Is this just a drug store brace or something you got from an orthotic and prosthetics person? Is you got it from a O&P, they can re-shape it and make it fit right. A drug store're stuck. You need to find a way to make it comfortable...either cushion your skin or some kind of cushioning right on the brace.

Just had a strange have little you know what craft foam is...those brightly colored sheets of foam about 1/16th of an inch thick? They have all the little things you can make or stickers of them in all sorts of shaped...called Fun Foam? I wonder if some of that in 1 or 2 layers inside would act as a good cushion...not too thick and fairly durable...put in between the brace hinge and your knee. You might even have some in the house. You could cut it to exactly the size you need...and it's cheap! You could even leave it full length and have it cover the entire inside of you knee. Just be aware that the color can run sometimes so go with white if you have any.( I used to be the classroom coordinator at Michael's Art&Crafts).

Just an idea................Jenny

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