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Re: TKR Outcomes?
Jul 21, 2011
Now it's summer, we're sweltering in a record-breaking heat wave, and I thought I should post an update now that I have some good news AT LAST!!!

My husband had a 3rd surgery on his left knee on May 20. The surgeon used a "graft jacket" (specially-processed human tissue, cost $2500!!) to suture onto the frayed quadriceps muscle, thereby reinforcing it, and he repositioned the kneecap so it would sit at the front of the kneejoint again. There was scar tissue to clean out as well, then he put on the long leg splint and told him to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks to let the sutures heal. After a few more days in hospital he came home, and this time had a normal recovery because he was still off the Coumadin that had caused his previous problems.

Now, two months later, the kneecap is still in the right place :), and he has started outpatient therapy. He is still terribly weak because of the 7 months when he couldn't do much, but he's trying to do a bit more every day. We have a pool so he goes in almost every day to swim a bit and do a little exercise. He still has some pain and swelling, especially after increasing his activity level, but we ice his knee several times a day so that helps.

He was sorry to have had to miss his recent class reunion overseas, as he will never see those people again, but he is now more optimistic for the future than I have seen for a long time. We still hope that his left leg will eventually be his "good" leg so he can have the right one done. So...hang in there, TKR people, we know this is a slow process but we hope it's worth it eventually. I talked with an old friend recently who has had both knees replaced since I last saw her. She's made a full recovery with no complications, and that's what we all hope to attain eventually!

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