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Everyone is different in how they respond to surgery and even each knee is different on how it responds and each surgery. None of my scopes have been the same. My right knee recovers quickly but my left one takes forever.

When they do a scope, they pump your knee full of water to open it up and see everything. they also wash it out thoroughly when the finish to make sure they get everything out. So that joint was full of fluid when they finished.

In some joints, the fluid get absorbed and they swelling goes down and you are walking pretty well. In other cases, the fluid gets absorbed and your knee then starts to put out fluid as a reaction to the surgery and fluid so it swells up all over again and hurts a lot. It is your knee's way to telling you to go slowly and carefully and there's not much you can do except wait it out. It is your body's way to healing and that you can't change.

Your calf pain may be from all that fluid. Gravity pulls some of it into the muscles in the calf so it has to absorb too. But watch for signs of heat and redness that would indicate a possible blood clot forming in the deep veins of the calf. That is an emergency. Also, you can get Achilles tendonitis in the calf from all the manipulating of the leg during surgery. Some rest and time will heal that.

I've had scopes where I've walked out of the hospital with no assistance and others where I've been on crutches for 6 weeks. You don't know how your body will react to the surgery and all the fluid until after it happens.

It sounds pretty much like you have a pretty normal recovery going but you are impatient to get moving and I don't blame you. Nothing more frustrating than waiting for swelling and stiffness to go down post-op.

But hang in there and it will get better quicker than you think. Prior to 1975, if you had a torn meniscus, you ended up with a 2-3inch scar and 6 weeks of PT and on crutches and pain for months as the incision and cut muscles healed. I have 2 of those scars(2-3" for the inside meniscus, 6" for the outside one). So I know you want to go out and run and you will soon enough but it's your body and this is how it wants to heal. Give it all sounds pretty normal.


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