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Thanks for your reply it is reassuring. I attended my appointment yesterday and was given an X Ray at the start and everything is in the right place despite my hip clicking. I researched the Depuy hip recall thoroughly before I went and knew that an X Ray wasnt a reliable way to tell if your implant is failing, so I insited on them making me an appointment for an MMR and Ultra Sound Scan and also Blood Tests to test the levels of metal in my blood, if any. They never questioned my request at all, but I felt that if I hadnt asked they wouldnt have been offered at this stage. At the end of quite a flustered consultation the doctor produced a Depuy questionnaire and consent form which he pressed me on three occasions to sign. This allowed Depuy access to my medical history and records and to track my progress and to have my implant should I have it taken out. I declined which took him by suprise and he continued to question my motives. I have seen numerous websites that warn you not to sign this form as it gives Depuy the right to have the implant back and it could hinder any further compensation claims you may try to put forward to this company later down the line. All in all yesterday wasnt pleasant and I wondered whether the doctor was working for the NHS or Depuy. I emailed my original consultant last night to request politly that I want the blood test straight away to measure the Cobalt and Chromium in my body, as this will determine whether the implant comes out. I find this whole experience sickening and even if the implant is working well, they have said they will continue to track my progress until the implant expires, if that is not cause for alarm what is. And my big question is do I really want this implant in my body knowing what I know now??? Help anyone!!!!

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