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First timer here, thanks for reading into my situation and trying to offer help. I'll try to keep things brief:

I am a third year triathlete and probably over trained way too much over the past year and half. Recently I have been experiencing a host of issues down my lower left extremity - with my left hip being the underlying cause. First my ankle shin flared up. It felt like a painful case of tendinitis for a month. After "healing", I did a long race - with no immediate issues - until a week after the race while doing some single leg squats, I strained something in my knee. I am pretty certain it was my ITB. The knee pain is now almost gone, just a bit of sensation here and there.

But back to the hip issue which has been the long term issue. I have had this annoying pain in my inner groin/hip socket area, which I only really feel when I open my hip, like in butterfly stretch. In addition, I have had this pain along with snapping hip, or popping hip, for solid 3 years or more. My hip pops if I lay on my back and lower my straight, left leg. These 'little' (or less painful and restrictive) issues have not bothered my past performance, however I realize are the cause of my other injuries.

Because I can't afford to see a specialist on an ongoing basis, I must research and analyze what is going on by myself and pinpoint the best options for my 'treatment investment'. With the help of friends in ART (therapy) and Chiropractic, I was told that I have:
[*]"a left hip that is 'out'
[*]a tight psoas muscle
[*]tight hips in general

I think I have an case of [B]hip bursitis with ITB issues[/B]. But I am not exactly certain. I am considering looking into cortisone treatment. I have been taking the last month off, and strictly been doing a lot of yoga and stretching which seems to help. My hips feel much looser and I can tell things are improving, but I would like pursue more treatment, if possible. The pain in my hip lingers, I do not foresee it going away anytime soon with simply rest and yoga.

Does anyone have any insights on my issue?
If you would recommend a specialist, what type would be in my best interests (ortho, chiro, etc)?
Any thoughts on the cortisone shot? experiences?

**I am thinking maybe an ortho visit for an evaluation and possible cortisone shot, and maybe a couple chiropractic visits to realign my "out" hip.**

Any insights are welcome. Thank you so much.

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