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I'm a wife & mother w/ 2 young kids; I've had 9 left knee surgeries; I've done injections to the joint & seemed to have exhausted meds that I can take for the chronic pain; my life is no longer comfortable & I tend to be irritable; I don't sleep well & I've been putting the band-aid measure to this knee for 22 1/2 yrs now. My last surgery was 2 1/2 yrs ago to try & maintain a small piece of cartilage that was left; a yr later the doctor said nothing more could be done but a knee replacement. Now my primary care doctors are actually angry at me b/c I'm not willing to take the neurological drugs(want me to take drugs to make my brain think the pains not there)they want to prescribe me. Did I mention I have to small kids--my brain is fine it's the knee that's the problem. I do not think the possible side affects & issues that could arrise, of taking neurological drugs, especially when I don't have a neurological problem, out weigh doing a TKR. Hold on, the reason the TKR isn't done is because I'm not qite 40 & I can't get anyone to look at anything other than my age, despite that I meet the criteria. Any suggestions on other possible ways to deal or how I might be able to get the TKR done in the hopes of wearing nice shoes, sitting in the school auditorium comfortably, shaving my legs w/o falling, etc

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