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Last Friday, I got hit from behind (stupid accident, my own fault) and thrown down onto my left knee with some force. At the time, I thought it was just a bruise, I've fallen and bruised that knee before. Fifteen minutes later, I bruised it again! I iced it and stayed mostly off it the rest of the weekend, but it just kept getting worse.

Monday I was only able to get around on crutches. Since Tuesday, any movement of my leg, or sitting with leg unsupported, or jostling it in a car are all quite painful, and even resting on the couch I'm still in significant pain a lot of the time.

A few years back, I had a (relatively minor) ankle surgery. I feel almost as bad now as I did the day after surgery. Oh, and I can't take oral NSAIDS, so right now my only pain relief is ice and an anti-inflammatory gel.

I got an x-ray at the hospital yesterday. They said, "It's not broken, so it's sprained, probably not a big problem," and I was like, "I've had sprains, I've never had this constant pain," and they said, "I dunno, see an orthopedist."

I made an appointment with an orthopedist, but it's not until next week. Meanwhile, I can't get to work, because it hurts too much moving around, even with crutches. (Going to work with crutches is awful, but I've done it before.) Work obviously wants to know how long I'll be out, and I've got no information for them, I can't go back until I can sit comfortably in a regular chair. Keeping it wrapped helps some, but then my toes turn to ice.

The state of my knee is: Bruised top and bottom, visibly but not grossly swollen below the kneecap. No instability. I can't extend or flex it fully, but that's probably just swelling getting in the way. The impact was below the kneecap, toward the inside, with knee bent. Anything pulling down on my foot, or having my foot hang down, hurts A LOT. Other movements are more or less ok.

Any thoughts on what's going on here? I've got a feeling I might have damaged some cartilage, but I could be wrong. What time frame might I be looking at for recovery, at least to the point that I can stand comfortably?

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