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Hi! My mom has OA in both knees and is looking to get knee replacement surgery. She is in constant severe pain. We currently live in a house that has stairs to the front and back door. My question is if she has the surgery would she be able to come home to recover? I am thinking about having a ramp put in the back, but we aren't sure which is better after surgery. I was also given the option of making more steps 3.5 inches apart instead of the 7 inches they are now. Everything she needs is downstairs so we don't have to worry about the steps inside. Any feedback you be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Amanda
Hello, I am a PTA so I have patients who have had total knee replacement surgery all the time. After the 3 days (or more depending on the patient's pre/post surgical status, if they have pre surgical cardiac issues that may cause them to stay longer or other preexisting problems) in the hospital, going home is based upon the therapist's recommendation along with the doctor. If the patient does not have adequate help at home, then it would be better for them to go to a rehab hospital first, or if the patient is just not doing well in recovery (a lot of times this is due to preexisting issues-for example if a patient is very confused, not oriented and maybe has incontinence and is unable to fully participate in post surgical therapy activities in the hospital they would be a candidate for rehab based on that). However, if the patient goes home after the 3 days, they can get home health (I believe it is for a week) and then go to outpatient therapy. It sounds like your mom has a good support system, you asking these questions beforehand so that is good she will need you after this surgery. About the stairs, the shorter the step, the easier it will be for her to get up them so a 2 inch step will be better than a 6 inch for example (at first, it will be very difficult and she will need assistance everytime). But the stairs themself will not prevent her from going home if she has the help she needs. She will be working on climbing stairs, going down stairs in outpatient therapy to help her with that task since she does have steps at home. Anyway, if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. good luck to you and your mom.
[QUOTE=Ross1948;4684831]Is there anybody here who has had a knee and hip replaced, different times. I'm curious about pain levels. My hip caused me no pain, but I believe knees are very bad pain. Anyone?[/QUOTE]

Had knee surgery 10/11. Constant pain. Going to therapy three times a week. No help. Seen the surgeon several times. Had knee manipulation. No help. Went to CA for a second opinion. The Doc suggested a Femural Block for a new manipulation. According to this board it is a good treatment. Have friends that had knee replacements and they love it. Find a good surgeon. Ask questions. Is he going to order a CPM machine after surgery? Therapy? I was real sick after the surgery because of the anesthetic. Try spinal tap of Femural Block. Remember most doctor perform surgery and after that don't have time for you. Good luck.
I hope by now your Mom is good as new, or at least close to it. We remodel for accessibility, and by far the first issue to tackle in any home is handling steps and how to get into the house. A ramp is the easiest solution but of course budget plays into this. The second issue is ease of using the bathroom. We find most of our clients have small bathrooms with a tub that most do not even use except to take showers. When remodeling a bathroom for anyone, regardless of age or physcial ability, we recommend a zero clearance level entry shower. An adult height toilet, sometimes referred to as comfort height, makes a big difference for knees and hips that don't want to bend well. You wouldn't think a couple inches would matter so much, but it does! The real key to being able to function in your home means planning ahead before something happens. Get your home ready for easier accessibility and functionality before you need it. Remodeling when you're dealing with surgery or an accident adds undue stress to an already difficult situation. Hope your Mom is doing fine, but look ahead to the future and how you can make sure she can stay safely in the home for many years to come.

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