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Re: Need positive
Feb 10, 2011
[QUOTE=lholton;4680984]Seems like everything I read on here is negative. My son is 25 years old and facing double hip replacement from rodeoing. H'e scared to death he's gonna be an invalid afterwards. Any good things I can tell hi? Plus his occupation is ranchng. He has to ride horses and work cattle. He owns land and cattle and that's his only means of supporting himself.[/QUOTE]

My dear Mrs. Holton:
There have been TONS of postive postings about hip replacements on this Board, but not many hip postings of any kind lately.

I am one who has posted a lot, having had two very successful hip replacements myself, all in my 70s - and I am still flourishing. I am now 81 - will be 82 in August, do all my own work, drive a car regularly, and my new hips are just fine. I walk all the time with noi problems. No pains, no aches.

(I never have been a runner so I don't do that but don't miss it either.) I stay away from any activities that impact the hips (no jumping etc.) but that is no sacrifice.

I have always been active, mowed a huge suburban lawn for about 35 years, shoveled a double garage driveway in Minnesota where I still live, but now live in a condo.

I have never been athletic, but did plenty of walking taking care of a four bedroom home and doing ALL the yardwork myself winter and summer.
(My late husband was post polio 1937 and used crutches/wheelchair.)

The problem with our Board right now is that there have been very few postings on hip replacements for MONTHS now it seems. It has been mostly Knees lately!

Some of us hip veterans have been wondering why - maybe many are postponing them or something.

I had no problems during or after surgery and very little pain after surgery (modern meds are great) and during the 2 week rehab facility stay for the first hip, and then the 1 week stay for the second, any discomfort dimimished daily. Of course meds were administered as prescribed but I really don't remember having a lot of pain. Very little, in fact. They get you up right away after surgery and encourage as much walking as one can do. Walking is the best exercise for new hips'1 :D

Your son should not be a bit like an invalid after his hips are replaced. But he does have to do the exercises to strengthen his thigh muscles, both before and after the susrgery. Best to live in a rehab facility for a week or two. But of course I was sent there because I live alone and had no one to assist me after the surgery/

Hope he has good health insurance, which would pay for this rehab facility. If he comes home to recover and rehab, he needs to have physical therapy in order to make sure he is excercising correctly and following all rules set down by his surgeon. Ge should get a set of dressing and mobility aids so that he doesn't need anyhelp dressing and can do everything for himself. Riser with arms installed on toilet, sturdy chair with arms, etc.

If he has specific questions he would like to have answered directly, please have hiim write them here on this Board and our hip veterans (:angel:s) will be more than happy to give him honest answers. We are straightforward here!

Please tell him not to fear hip replacement surgery. I would gladly do it again if necessary but of course hope it won't be. (I am very protective of my hips - I am no Spring Chicken and would be careful even without these new hips! :D)

The most important thing is to have a hip surgeon who really knows his/her stuff. My surgeon is terrific.

If I were your son and I"m not, I would find another hobby. Rodeo work is pretty rough and tough on the body.

To read many old postings, type in specific search words and hip replacment postings should come up on this board. :)

Good wishes to both you and your son.

Shirley H.

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