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Gee Jane....I don't know what to tell you. For the last 10 years before I had mine replaced, I had 2 bad knees and like you, can't take pain meds. My family just got used to me swearing or yelling and just plain crying at the end when a step was just too painful to take anymore. My husband considered my replacements a personality transplant as I was finally smiling for the first time in years. I honestly could not go more than 10 steps some days.

Lot so ice, lots of heat, 2 canes..... crutches when necessary. Stairs were always 1 at a time(and still are). And I tried as much as possible to avoid stairs. Time for family to do the stair stuff and you go up only when absolutely needed. I came down once a day in the AM and went up once a day at bedtime. Period. And the bathroom was upstairs...camping potty!

I had my designated chair and put extra pillows in it so I was up higher and that made getting up easier. I kept a cane by the chair so I had something to help me get up. Straightening my knees sometimes took a full minute plus. They can also be used to prop up a knee that doesn't want to bend(place handle at hip and base of cane under the ankle and it holds the leg straight. Always make sure you sit in a chair with arms so you can use your arms to help push you up.

Get a shower chair or stool(I like my stool...I can turn around in the shower) so you can sit and do what you need to. Mine is adjustable so I can have it up high to help with standing up. Toilet bars help can push yourself up on the arms. It's like a frame that goes around the toilet and provides stability for getting up. Didn't really like the raised toilet seat.....wasn't low enough to get good pressure going. But it helps too.

Bed is raised up to make it easier to get out of bed. You can buy those plastic cups that go under the legs of the bed and it raises the entire bed safely.

Ever seen those chairs that are really high in an orthopedist's office? That's not just for hip people but knee people too....height makes it so much easier to get up.

Learn to be lazy. You've earned the right. Everything can wait when you are in pain and the thought of getting up makes you want to cry. Was there for a good 5 years.

As I think of more I'll post's been 12 years since they were replaced but I think I'm facing more surgery this year. Just hope it's not both at once again.

gentle hugs...................Jenny

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