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[QUOTE=arldon4344;4688519]I have had both knees replaced. After the first surgery (June, 2009) I had lasting effects of the femoral nerve block which continue to this day. It includes burning, needles/pins, numbness in the knee and thigh area. This January, 2011, I had my other knee replaced. My surgeon and anesthesologist discussed another nerve block and advised me that what had happened in my other knee was so VERY RARE that I should be able to have another one without any problems. Well, I now have the same condition in my other leg. My neurologist calls it a nerve impingement and I am on gabepentin and lidoderm patches which provide minimum relief. Has ANYONE out there ever had this happen or know of any one who has had it? If so, I would really like to talk with them. I can't seem to get any answers as to how or why this happens to me.[/QUOTE]

I too have a very bad problem after a TKR.
I have an increased sensitivity in my leg I have very bad spasms and I feel like my tendon is being pulled up during the spasms tight making my leg tuck into my groin at night. I have to learn to walk again every single day I did have a tarsal tunnel surgery some 15 years prior and I don't know if that is the reason for my ankle swelling and being very very painfull to walk on.. what a shame you went through it not once but twice you poor thing.. It seems my consultant is scratching his head and does not know what to do with me. It could be femoral nerve block as nothing seems to kill the pain its only 10 weeks since my surgery and I am getting very scared about what the future may hold for me I too need the other knee done.

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