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I first injured my left (stronger leg) knee back in september 2010. I play football around 3 times a week and I went in for a tackle and my foot planted against his foot at some force, my knee carried on going making in twist and pivot, I felt a grinding senstation and the feeling almost made me faint as did the pain. Around 20 minutes after my knee swelled heavily and I could bearly walk. I thought nothing of it (stupidly) and rested for around 2-3 weeks. I went back playing football and again the same injury occured. I went to A and E and they had me having an X-ray which nothing showed up. They told me to rest and had some physio and the hospital and through a qualified physio at my football club where they both said sprained MCL. I rested and then did it again, and again and again. It happened around 3-4 times. I went to my GP and he managed to get me an MRI. Following the scan I went back to my GP and he said I hade a grade 1 MCL tear and a meniscus tear. It doent affect me at all unless any twisting motion is performed or any force against my left foot, I tried kicking a ball last week and could feel it grind with alot of pain. He has now refered me to an orthapedic surgeon on the 22nd of March. I asked him if any surgery was required and he said it depends on the severity as he doesnt have the images from the MRI to see how bad the tear is. My knee hasnt seemed to heel as it has happened many times and kicking a ball can cause it to happen again or any twisting motions. Do you think I will require surgery?. Thankyou for your time

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