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Hi ya i have a 9 year old boy who is suffering with hip problems, he started 5 weeks ago with pain in his hip really bad pain they sent him to hospital, they did blood x ray which came back clear, he had ultra sound which came back with fluid around his hip,they said it was irratable hip sent him home 2 days later with pain relief and said to see how he goes, he still couldnt walk properly and 2 weeks later was back in hospital this time for a week, they did more tests and this time did mri scan to see if there was any soft tissue damage and to check for cnacer etc, all came back clear, they then said it could be his knee, which was just stupid, then he saw a physio who said she thought it was growing pains i laughed i said you are kidding me. then the same day saw the consultant who said it might be arthritas, they said if it carried on they would do bloods to find out. sent him home 2 days later on paracetomol adult dose ibuprofen and codiene. they told me to slowly take him off the strong tablets, when i did the pain was back up to the worst level again so back to docs who put him straight back up to high dose again, but they say they dont know what it is and think they never will find out even said it could be in his head, cruel as they dont see him how bad he is. its like no one cares or even is bothered to help him to get this sorted.

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