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Hi Mom...think we've talked elsewhere. Just to give you reference points, there are 4 main bursas in the hips. On each hip, you have a big one on the outside of the hip, just below the hip joint. Trochanteric bursa. And then on the backside, you have another right where you sit....right on that area where you put the most weight on a chair. Ischial bursa. The pain can travel and go up or down the leg. Can hurt even when you aren't moving or on one of them. If this matches any of your pain areas, then seeing your primary can help as they can do a cortisone shot into them and that can bring the inflammation way down if not get rid of it completely. You should be able to find an exact spot where the pain is at a maximum.

It could also be from your back and be sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body and combines several nerves from the lower spine as it travels through the buttocks and then goes down the thigh to the lower leg and foot. It can become compressed from many many things including muscle spasms in the low back, actual injuries to the spine or even anatomical problems like it getting caught in the muscles or fascia of the low back.

Sciatica can stay in one place(usually the buttock on one side) or it can show up anywhere along the nerve all the way down to your toes.

But from what you describe, I suspect it is bursitis. Sciatica generally gets better when you lie down but bursitis can get worse as you roll over onto the bad bursa. And it is really bad pain. I have it chronically in both hips on the sides but the ones on my bottom have responded well to a cortisone injection.

Go see your primary doc and see if he/she can diagnose it and treat it.
they are huge bursas so even a primary doc can hit that with a syringe full of cortisone. Heck, I could hit it if I had the guts to inject it(I don't).


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