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Hi everyone: I had my TKR Feb. 28, 2011. Almost five weeks out now. I have a suggestion that, I hope, may help others. During my outpatient therapy, which I have three times a week, the back of my knee would feel like rubber bands which people were pulling constantly, plus intense burning on the inner side of my knee. My PT and I talked at length. He explained that there were muscle spasms taking place .He decided to massage the back of my knee to see if he could ease the spasms. It felt much better but would then come back after exercise. The pain was intense. Finally, I hit on a plan to put heat on the back of my knee and ice on the top and sides of my knee. I had been told to use only ice. Now my pain in some better. My advice is to get someone, be it your pt, or someone you trust, to rub the back of your knee, slowly - always to the heart, with a cream of your choice, then apply heat, then ice to the top and sides to counteract the burning sensations on the top of your knee. I still am on pain meds, but this has helped me immensely. I sure hope it helps you.

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