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I am 24 years old and had a Hip replacement 4 months ago. I had a ceramic on ceramic kind which is as much as i know, im not aware of what actual name of the prosthesis is.
Im quite confused as to long term precautions. I had my weeks post op check and asked my surgeon what activities were forbidden from now on. He basically said the only think forbidden is jumping out of an aeroplane and breast stroke!
SO after telling my physio this info she was astounded.
Obviously i followed all precautions 6 weeks post op ( not bending more than 90 degrees, crossing legs etc) but i am wondering do these things still apply for the rest of my life? my physio seems to think so. All my searches on these things just seem to mention the first 3 months. m,y phyio has said no running, rowing, bending knee higher than 90 degrees etc etc etc.

My main worry is that i am goin gon holiday to Florida in June (so 6 months post op) and really want to know what i can or can not do?
My appointment with surgeon for check up is not untill after my holiday.
is there any other ppl out there who have had ceramic hips that can still go on water rides, jump into pools etc or is this forbidden?
I will be a bit upset if this is the case as i asked my surgeon if there was anything i couldnt do after the op and all he said was the parachutting anfd breast stroke. now i read loads of stuff im not supposed to do but dont know if i belive it?
SexuL positions is also worrying me, ( sorry if i make anyone blush)
Sorry for such long thread, no one will proabably read it!
Hope there is someone else out there like me, or someone can at least tell me their experiences.
Im also not feeling the great NO PAIN thing people keep saying after having hip replacement, i still have a lot of muscular pain.
I should say my problem is down to congenital discolation and hip replacement was my 8th op on that hip.
Thank you to anyone who bothers to read i understand its long!

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