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[QUOTE=janewhite1;4726592]I've noticed the word "sprain" is misused to mean "minor injury to a joint." In fact, a sprain is a ligament tear.

There are a lot of things that could be causing your pain. The simplest explanation is that the person who read your MRI just missed something. There's a lot of tiny little details in MRI films, and sometimes the radiologist just doesn't see it.

Is there any way you can get an appointment with a good orthopedic surgeon, one who specializes in knees? Bring the reports and the original films from all tests you've had done.

Meanwhile, muscle spasms may be part of the reason why your pain is spreading. See if you can stretch your leg and hip without making things worse.

Do you have any income? How are you supporting yourself? Have you applied for disability or social services?[/QUOTE]

i have applied for disability and social services but im not yet receiving of jan of 2010 my family has been stuck with me and have been supporting me but they dont have enough $ to pay my med bills so i had to go to free clinic til i got on this local assisted health plan but i have yet to get a regular dr.i have been having muscle spasms but theve been more like twitches in my arms and legs. ill be layin here and relize a lil muscle in my arm or leg is freakin out..i do try to stretch as much as possible but it dosnt seem to help pain very much ..just makes my knee pop and crack and now my hip has been poppin to.i have no income @ all @ this point but im hoping realy hard my disability comes thru tho i heard they always denie youre first time..and it takes thems months and i just broke down and applied last month..ive never realy been the type to ask for help ..even if its from the gov.heck the only reason i get foodstamps is cuz my family pretty much made me but i dont blame them its the only contribution i can give @ this point..

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