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Apr 9, 2011

i just had to quit another job because of heavy pushing and pulling that was needed and my knees are back to where they were many months ago, and this is not something that should happen from simple work such as this. really sucks! so here's a bunch of facts about me that i hope could help someone with similar problems point me towards a solution...

- i'm 33 years old

- i overstressed my knees planting trees on mountainsides about ten years ago

- after a couple of months i was pretty much fine, but i couldn't knee bend as far, in fact i believe it got less over the years. if i went too deep by the last few years there was definite pain. but tough to tell people where the pain was coming from, it was inside the knees somewhere, both of them.

- for years my knees clicked and popped when i bent them. i can't remember if there was ever any serious pain from this, but it was worrying. didn't feel nice at all.

- a couple of years ago while planting trees on a steep slope i re-injured both of them, although it seemed that they took turns hurting more than the other. i didn't quit immediately because it gradually hurt more over a number of days, it wasn't anything completely sudden.

- i worked on flat ground after that and was totally fine. treeplanting i should mention is a very physical job, you carry a fair amount of weight of the little trees with you, you move over rough terrain, you kick the ground repeatedly which can hurt knees however that's just my right foot usually so that doesn't explain the pain in the other knee. and also i pushed hard off my legs to move from spot to spot as quickly as i could, it's quite athletic.

- another thing about this job… i was very physical for three months of the year, during the summer, and then during the winter i sat at home working on my computer. no winter sports. i gained weight and my body weakened and then in springtime once again i went to go planting and usually lost 30, sometimes 50 pounds. that process was not great on many parts of my body.

- so i was fine working on flat ground for a while, but then we did some land that was faster, i had to move quicker, and suddenly my knees hurt again and i knew my season was done.

- i moved to a building with a gym so i could use a stationary bike every day, and do other exercises. but mostly i just gently biked. and i went for hikes. did some pretty major ones actually, and it seemed like my knees were getting much stronger.

- suddenly though the weather on the coast got cold and damp (i only made this connection afterward) and despite not doing any different exercises, my knees started hurting again. every day i could still bike a bit farther in the half hour i exercises in the gym, but then every day i hurt more after the workout.

- it got worse and worse. that was the scary part, the fact that my knees were fine after that injury, and now this emerged out of nowhere, it even felt different than the injury from 2 months earlier. now it was right under or around the knee-cap. more acute. But doesn't hurt when the knee-cap is moved around by hand, only when i put weight on it.

- i saw a physiotherapist who was sure he knew what the problem was, and i can't recall what he said, but he gave me a bunch of light exercises that i followed faithfully for the next couple of months. typical knee rehabilitation exercises. but it just got worse and worse, to the point where i should have been on crutches, i had to lift myself up the stairs by hand. if i bent my knees at all i was in trouble.

- this has been going on for years now. it's not as bad as it was, my knees recover quicker from strain, but i can't run at all, have to use hand railings up the stairs, and can't do very physical jobs. i can actually carry a lot of weight still walking around, as long as i don't have to bend my knees much. i can kneel, which some people with knee injuries can't seem to do. although i can't put my weight directly on my kneecaps when kneeling, that's painful. in the summer i can still hike, not super fast but if i build up to it, and it's nice weather, the pain is substantially less.

- i'm 6'2" and about 220lb. trying to eat right to get weight off, i was 250 for a while which i had been in between seasons of treeplanting at times, and now without cardio i couldn't keep it off till recently, with a specific diet. although so far the less weight isn't helping my knee problems much. but i plan to lose another 20 at least.

- the only exercise i've done in the past couple of years that has raised my cardio to the degree i used to get with treeplanting is a rowing machine. it doesn't hurt my joints at all, and i can build a sweat. but don't have much access to one. even an elliptical machine isn't great, because my weight is still on the joints.

- i tried once for 2-3 month to exercise just the inside of the knees, because i thought the problem might be that the kneecap was out of alignment, sounded promising but did it many times a day, with no improvement so i gave it up.

- glucosimine is something i've taken for months at a time with no effect.

- i really miss running, and other athletic activities. i can't afford proper medical care and examination on my knees partially because i can no longer work and barely pay the bills, because of this condition. so any help diagnosing this from you guys would be great. i've had dozens upon dozens of suggestions from others with knee problems but there's just so much that can go wrong with these joints, nothing has seemed to work for me. please help!



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