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[QUOTE=Silver Swan;4740784]Dear mqwdiver:
I suggest that you contact your surgeon regarding the use of Lovenox after surgery. I was sent home with that after my first hip replacement and the nurses at the rehab place had taught me to give the shots myself. That was simple and painless, I thought.

For the other hip replacement I was given Coumadin and when I went home I had to have visiting nurses to check my blood levels, which was a bother to me - and I thought, an unnecessary expense for my health insurer. I prefer the Lovenox approach. It worked fine for me. I had no clotting problems with either method. I kept very active of course - which is an aid to avoiding clots - did a lot of walking around home.

Shirley H.[/QUOTE]
Thanks so much for the response SHirley. I had Lovenox for several weeks when I had my hip replacement in 2003. I have a "joint" class I am attending on Friday, so I will ask.
I do recall that Lovenox is contraindicated in people with heart problems or artificial valves, but that is not me. This particular surgeon told me I would be taking Coumadin the night before the surgery. I see from the literature they gave me that I will take the COumadin for 2 weeks.

I will find out what I can on Friday.


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