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Hi All,
Last January I tore my ACL skiing (34-year-old) sort-of-fit female. I had surgery Feb 18th and had a pretty quick recover. I was walking 3-6 miles a day by June - actively training at a MMA facility (kickboxing) with my Don Joy brace on of course. So it has been over a year and everything has been fine - a stiff day or 2.

2 weeks ago - I joined a ladies fitness boot camp. We had a squat test on Monday and I did 31 squats - I felt the strain, but thought it was the burn from doing so many. Tuesday we did running - a mile - by Tuesday afternoon I couldn't walk, Wednesday - I skipped bootcamp, Thursday - I went back - wrapped my knee and put a brace on for the running, but I could only jog for a bit and then I had to speed walk - we did use some resistance bands too. The pain is on the inside of my left knee almost from the top of my shin to mid knee. There is a little bit of swelling, but not around my knee - more so near my horizontal scar from the ACL autograph surgery (cadaver tendon repair). I felt this pain before - during my PT, not sure what it could be.

My foot has gone numb once or twice and I feel like the pain is getting worse. I am icing and alieving and keeping it elevated. I know I should go to the doctor, but I can't. No $$ to do so right now. I know it isn't my ACL, I have full range of motion and I can bend my knee. However, it is very painful to bend my right leg inward (like trying to put my foot onto my lap of the other leg) - this is when it hurts the most - with that motion.

Could it be that the muscles around my knee aren't used to this? I can still squat and it doesnt hurt at all.

When I tore my ACL - I tore my MCL too, but they said that would repair itself. Not sure where that is either. So anyone have any info - let me know. Thanks!!!

Anyone have any idea?

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