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In January my boyfriend had surgery to fix a partially torn abductor muscle. Prior to the surgery, his hip was a bit swollen but now almost 4 months later, his hip is even more swollen than ever. The surgeon even put him in the hospital for a few days last month to try and drain the fluid but it didn't work. He had his hip replaced in July 2008 which started this disaster which caused blot clots in his legs and even a PE (and thats after getting an IVC filter). He has permanent damage to the veins in his right leg and it can't be fixed. His foot is swollen and discolored. And now his hip is worse than ever and the only thing the surgeon can offer is a cortizone shot to try and reduce the swelling. And the surgeon and other doctors have no idea why the fluid keeps coming back and don't even bother to try and figure out why. We think its autoimmune but they don't know and don't plan on doing and testing. He said he removed alot of fluid during surgery but that didn't do any good. So he is at his wits end. Can't cope with this mess and we don't know where to go for help next. Any suggestions would be welcome. We know he needs help to try and cope. And he is on alot of strong pain medication. We have too much experience with doctors and no luck with surgeries.

P.S. 2 doctors think he has RSD and 2 doctors don't think that.


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