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I have pain in my outer left knee, especially when I bend and twist it. When I sit down cross legged and then stand up, you can hear it pop (not sure where it pops, as it feels like it pops in the knee and hip) and I can feel it in my knee and in my hip area and it is quite painful. usually the pain is dull, but at certain points it can be quite sharp. I also feel as if I have pulled a groin muscle on my left side as well. I'm a pitcher and this happened while pitching, I stepped in a hole, my left side flared open (I'm a righty so my left side is where I plant) and it felt like I tweaked something in my knee, I couldn't feel any other immediate pain. I went to the chiropractor today and he said he couldn't find any damage to the mcl, acl, meniscus, etc.

Any ideas please help!

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