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Hi Eddie-
I have Synovial Chondromatosis too. Mine is located in my left knee. For years we thought it was just arthritis so blew it off until I started losing feeling in my foot. The SC was pressing on my nerves causing it to go numb. Finally had to demand the doctor look a little harder into what was wrong with me. So many of us have the same problem with getting it diagnosed. I too have had many surgeries to remove the synovium and 2 1/2 years ago I finally got a knee replacement. I feel it has come back also but the doctor says to wait as long as I can before going in the knee again. There would be too much of a risk of infection and we really don't want to take a chance until I really need to. I don't know if the risk is the same with hips as with knees but you have already done the surgery after your hip replacement and things must have gone well. Years ago I did ask about radiation but it was not recommended again risking damage to arteries and nerves. I would highly recommend you get a second opinion on that before proceeding with radiation. Radiation has greatly improved in the past few years so maybe it is possible. I have never talked with anyone with SC that has ever had it done though. I have heard of an injectable radiation that is used in joints. Maybe that is a possibility. No easy answers. Sorry to hear you continue to have problems.

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