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If it helps, the need for you to be home/assist is normal. In a good hospital release they'd check with you to see if there were any barriers to coming home and if so they frequently offer 1-4 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital for care that is nearly hospital level. The use of these type of facilities has increasesd as insurance approved hospital in-patient time is reduced, so it is not unusual for minimum of a week in a rehab facility before actually coming home. Hospitals either through social work/patient advocate or nurses assigned to home readiness evaluation check on if the person can go right home. Even a working spouse may be enough to lead to consideration of rehab care.

2 mo before my 02/2010 extensive spine surgery my husband had been laid off. Turned out tone a good thing as I needed extra help innthe hospital and a medium level of help when I got home. The big event was hubby needing to go to Tucson (2.5 hr south) about 10 days after I got home. We set up a few reserve friends who could help if needed and we had our cat sitter come over to feed the cats and clean the litter box. But actually 2 days alone after surgery and stress of that and coming home made those 2 days very peaceful and a chance to be alone. I just had to agree to have my cell phone in KY pocket at all times in case I fell, etc.

In 1993 when I had back surgery I was just about to loose my roommate as our lease was ending and she was set to leave before that to get her kids into new schools (we shared a home after I finished grad school and she divorced and moved from FL to IL). Funny thing was the nurse came to me and said I had to go home (had been in 10 days) and their social worker was unavailable so they'd send out a home care nurse in 2 wk to evaluate if it was safe for me to be at home. 2 wk after discharge.....made no sense. I could fall and be stuck on the floor or in the bathtub by the time they arrived 2 wk later!!!

If you go back with hubby to the surgeon, or if he goes alone, one of you should say "we were surprisingly unprepared for (hubby mame) coming home. Maybe your practice can provide a brief but useful information sheet on what to expect, the fact that a someone has to he home and available during the day (if working) for at least X amoubt of time.

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