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[QUOTE=Chris030483;4756429]Hi. I'm new to these boards. To start off, I had a knee injury while wrestling in high school. I was slammed down on my knee off the mat. I didn't seek medical attention at that time. Fast forward 11 years. I am an auto mechanic. I have had minor knee pain issues ever since the accident. At work Friday while attempting to climb under a car, a heard multiple loud popping sounds in my knee, and the pain was unbearable. I instantly could not bend it or bear weight on it. I went to the ER and they said it appeared that I have torn "something" in my knee. X-Rays showed an old injury causing my patella to be in 3 pieces (probably the wrestling injury.) The said that an MRI is needed. I do not, however, have health insurance and as an independent contractor I'm not protected by Worker's Compensation. The hospital quoted me $3000-$4000 just for the MRI. WOW! My wife is a teacher and we are struggling to make ends meet as is. Does anyone have any advice? Could this heal on it's own? Am I looking at surgery? The pain/swelling/lack of range of motion have gotten worse, not better since Friday. Thanks in advance![/QUOTE]
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I'm not sure what an MRI would show that an xray wouldn't. If you really need an MRI and you are near the Canadian border it will cost you about $699.00, and in American $s about $650.00. This will be in a private facility.
By now it would be difficult to wire the patella fractures together. Also you maybe wearing out your kneel joint from your rough knee cap. The worst that can happen is that you will have to have the bad bits or all of the knee cap removed by an orthopedic surgeon. The good new is that a person can function well without one although being a mechanic could have it's challanges.

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