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Hi-I'm new here & thought I'd ask for anyone who may have similar issues. I had a total hip replacement exactly 1 year ago. I fell on ice in 2008 & slipped discs in my lower back & tore the labrum in the right hip, which forced me to having the right hip replacement. I've had some relief from the extreme pain in the replaced hip, but I thought things would be much better by now. I cannot climb steps, limp when walking and have pain in the upper thigh, buttock and outer hip area. I also get stabbing pains in the groin area & upper right side, plus tingling & some pain right down to my toes. Could this be scar tissue causing the pain & tingling?

I was also diagnosed with nerve damage in the left leg, plus the disc problems don't help my constant, day to day pain in my back and BOTH hips
I am a bit worried about my hip replacement. I'm 53 years old & try to be as active as the pain will permit. I do use pain meds, celebrex, heat, ice, etc. I can't do PT anymore since I've lost my medical insurance & also can't see doctor for follow up without insurance.
I'm in a bad situation :blob_fire with this at the present time without insurance, so if anyone has any suggestions on other pain relief ideas, that would be so appreciated. :D
Thanks for listening & looking forward to any replies! Kathleen

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