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Hi Kat. Mine was in-patient but it was also back in 1970 when everything was in-patient. Think I was for 5 days but I had complications that had nothing to do with the knee.

Back then, the tibial tubercle transfer was brand new and they chiseled out the tendon attachment/bone and then took out another wedge of bone to put the attached wedge of tendon, in to. So it meant 2 large wedges of bone removed, 3 months in a full leg cast. Took my tendon and slid it all the way to the inside of the tibia. But they didn't do the lateral release so that kept it laterally tracking. Problem was, I never dislocated it, not even once so I don't know where they got the diagnosis from. Did I even need the surgery??????

My left knee was bone to bone at 23 due to the menisectomy they did at 17. I had torn the meniscus, the ACL and MCLs at 14 but was told by the docs back then that girls didn't hurt their knees like boys did and it was just my exaggerating the pain of a slight sprain. By 17, when they did go in, I was on a steep slide into knee he!!.

When I had the TKR, I had lost 2 inches of bone and cartilage in the left and 1" in the right. What finally pushed me and my doc into doing the TKR's was I fractured the joint surface in the left one.

And guess what....TKR's aren't all they are cracked up to be. First 9 years were great but now, constant pain again and they won't do anything. Say implants looks great but they hurt constantly. I have developed rheumatoid arthritis in the past 6 years and they think I have RA in both replaced knees.....a 1 in a million possibility.

It just never ends once surgery starts.


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