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i can not even begin the gratefulness i have for you two both responding, ive felt so lonely with this injury and it has just about gotten to the point where ive just accepted this as a "getting old" thing. i have a couple more questions and comments for you guys, and again thank you tremendously for your help, i appreciate more than you know.

I dont know if this will maybe help diagnose me, but i noticed after the knee pain began i have started experiencing a very sore lower back, it has reduced my range of motion and becomes stiff when i start playing and running, almost feels like my back has a very un natural curve to it, like my abs are too far forward. i have looked into this, and it has been said that weak abs could possibly be the culprit of this; which is very likely so im working on that right now.

as for the knee, my first thought was a minor meniscus or somthing of that nature, but i was told that i would have obvious pain, a sharp and distinct pain, which i dont USUALLY have, that maybe happens once a month when i plant my leg for a shot and maybe over-twist on my follow through. in your guys' experience did that sound similar to either your own personal case or maybe someone you know? the reason i ask is because i live alone and go to school, and im also married and that took me off of my parents health insurance plan. if you guys think an MRI is a must do i am at the point right now where i will literally go take out a loan, or go do anything i can because besides the injury keeping me from playing my full potential (i would say my knee is maybe a 65 or 70%), i makes everyday living hard. Its always stiff, and sore, and the only way i can relieve a good amount of the pain is by stretching for maybe 5-10 mins, and after that it feels maybe 80 or 90%. soccer is hopefully going to pay for a lot of my education, ive have a number of scholarship looks but due to my current job (resident dj haha) i have been unable to take some of those offers to schools that are like 2 hours away from me, but i plan to make that plunge for my last two years of school. i have jsut about tried all the strength and flexibility workouts that people have given to me, and yet the only real way to relieve the pain is stretching.

that being said, do either of you happen to know MRI's cost? is there like a wal-mart type place i can go? if it were you or your child would you get an MRI? my x'rays were clean but i know that doesnt reveal alot in the knee.

and one last question, if i get an MRI, and lets just say it comes back clean, no questionable tears or strains, would that mean that its nothing "serious" and that it can be resolved with physical rehab and just strengthening certain things in my body? i ask this because right now i have NO idea whats wrong, it could be literally anything, but if an MRI rules out any serious injury, im thinking it would be worth it for the peace of mind, right now i stress about it every day and when ive been going out to practice recently everything is just "off" and its really discouraging.

thank you both so so so much for your responses, youve been more helpful than any doctors or even my own parents for not helping me get better. theyre the ones who made me become super competitive in sports and now that im injured they just give me the "give it time" speech and that i have to realize im getting older. at 19 should i be expecting this?
MRI's are pretty accurate, the technology gets better everyday. Alot of it depends on what hospital you go to. You want to go to a hospital that has updated equipment, and is part of a larger medical center if posible. A small town hospital probably doesn't have the most up to date diagnostic tools.

As for the cost, it would depend on your insurance. I've never paid a penny for any of my MRI's and I've had many, but also had great insurance. A friend had one done with substandard ins. and she had to pay $1200.00. If you don't have ins. at all they're most likely a couple to a few thousand dollars.

To my knowledge, there is no "walmart" type place for medical care, nor would you want to go to such a place.

If it were me yes I would go get the MRI, well actually I can because my left knee is more screws and pins than it is flesh and bone, but if it were my child, absolutely I would've had an MRI done when the injury first occurred.

Let us know what you decide to do.


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