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>>>>>8. I am having so much trouble sleeping at night due to the pain. I am a side sleeper so I put a pillow between my kneeds. any other suggestions...nights are the worse!>>>>

I am a side-sleeper also, and for me, a regular pillow wasn't much help in finding a painfree position at night. However, I used one of our memory foam pillows (with the high and low bumps) and that works wonders! I put the curved-side on the bad knee and put my good knee on top. It also helps if you want to sleep in a side-scissors position (on your side/stomach with bad knee on top and bent, crossing over your good leg. The bad knee rests on the curved side of the pillow.)

I, too was going back and forth about having TKR. I was scared about having the spinal block, femoral block, blood clots, the need to take antibiotics for dental work and other infections, etc. I am 56 and have bone-on-bone arthritis with osteopenia. What convinced me to go forward with the surgery is coming to terms with knowing that my knee will not get any better on it's own, and will actually get worse as I wear down the bone. Also, It's faster to heal when your 56 than when you're 66. :-) Bottom line is, it will eventually have to be done anyway if I want to avoid being housebound in my 60's.
I wanted to wait until after swimming season, though, so my surgery is scheduled for 10/3. Best of luck to you!

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