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Re: Ow My Hip
Jun 24, 2011
Hi again itsmylife,
It sounds like your affliction is a Chronic Trochanteric Bursitis. This bursa is over the outside of the hip point area and assists in the gliding of the outer hip muscles. It used to be the domain of ballett dancers but now it is more common due to dance workouts having full range at the hip joint and repetative movements. In addition some practitioners blame muscle imbalance and or shortened muscles. The pain is brought on by activity but not necessarily at the time of the activity. At times the pain comes at rest if the outer thigh muscles are on stretch. The pain is often described as a dull and or a deep ache and sometimes even a burning sensation. The initial treatment should be an injection of painkiller and a steroid into the bursa. If the symptoms persists see a PT who can look at your muscles and movements and advise you. If you are in a large enough city there may be a PT clinic that devotes their time to injured dancers.
Good luck.

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