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The Injury: -
The injury happened while playing football (playing after almost 6 yrs in an office tournament), while taking a turn while jumping. I landed badly, felt that I fell down because I lost my right leg completely from knee. There was immediate swelling and sharp pen in rt knee. Doctor found Lachman test positive.
Did an immediate MRI scan, and found:-
- grade 3 tear in anterior horn in lateral meniscus
- complete disruption of LCL with edema superficial and deep to torn fibers
- interstitial edema in ACL (Doc said it is torn, and 2nd MRI after 2 months confirmed the same)
- bone contusion on tibial plateau and femoral condyle

The Treatment:-
Conservative for 3 months. Then partial meniscus (20%) removal and ACL reconstruction surgery (hamstring graft from same leg) was performed by Dr. Anant Joshi (who is supposed to be one of the best in this field in India) on general anesthesia. No surgery for LCL was performed. Post surgery I was informed that my ACL tear was partial. And I repent for opting for the surgery now as it was PARTIAL, though every doc I have seen, mentioned that I need to do the surgery if ACL is found torn, since I play occasional sports and regularly do mountain trekking. If spinal anesthesia was used I could have stopped doctor by not choosing ACL recon.

The Rehab:-
Progress was fast and was satisfactory initially. Then it slowed down from 6 months. Till then (1.5 yrs now) I feel there is no such noticeable improvement. Exercises were continued.

The Problems:-

Some problems are common and still present from post operation. Some are more recent but more worrying.

Common Problems:-
- Numb feeling, and a feeling like the leg doesn’t belong to me. Some weird feeling of heaviness in the knee.
- Crackling sound and uneasy feeling if I extend my knee fully while standing (not always, but most of the time), a feeling like 2 bones brushing against each other.. but it is not painful.

Problems that are worrying me more:-
- If I perform full squat, I feel sharp pain in my lateral side in upper calf area.
- In around 1 year post operation I was jogging as advised by my PT (twice a week), I faced a nerve kind of pull near medial area when I tried to run a bit fast. PT said that my hamstring got pulled, and I also developed slight swelling in the hamstring cut area on tibia. He advised rest for 5-6 days and it subsided.
- Recently (1.5 yrs post op) I again felt similar kind of pull near medial area (staring from tibia to femur.. only medial area). I feel that like a nerve pull. The pain is similar to that of last time. And could not jog or jump because of the pain. Each and every step if I try to jog or run, pains terribly. The pains starts from tibia (medial region) and extends upwards towards femur (medial region). I can’t withstand the jerk on every step. Now again I am asked to rest for 7 days by my PT. According to him, this is due to pain in the bone (caused by drilling during surgery) which is yet to heal and takes around 2-3 years. And it will recur if I try to jog consecutive days (which I did actually). He advised me to jog with 2-3 days gap in between. It is more than 10 days now, still the pain persists (only if I try to jog or even walk fast, whenever impact on knee is more).

I am still continuing exercises in Gym with a little lighter weights. But not attempting treadmill or single leg jumping exercises, because of the pain. I also avoid full squatting.
I am very frustrated now with the progress, and dying to hit the Himalayas.

Anyone with similar experience or any expert comments?

Mumbai, India

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