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Bone bruise (knee)
Jun 29, 2011
I injured my knee about 7 weeks ago rock climbing in the mountains. It wasn't physically hit but rather injured by a "torquing" motion when losing my grip and slipping. I knew I injured it somehow but had to hike out the following 2 days. The pain actually wasn't that bad and really only hurt alot on down hill sections or steps. After returning home I figured I had just sprained it and would push through the moderate pain. Well.....after about 7 days of doing much more then I should have it started to swell and hurt much more. The pain and swelling is on the inner side of my right knee and I started to notice a click with movement. I went to the ortho. and had a MRI done, when the results came back he said it was good news and only a bone bruise that should take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to heal. I've been following all his instructions......staying off it, taking vitamins and only started swimming and light bike riding when the swelling went down and when I regained a little mobility. Still something just doesn't seem right. My questions are:
- Can a click in your knee be related to a bone bruise?
- Can you re-aggravate a healing (2 months) bone bruise and make matters worse? Pain has been my guide. It was a 9 on the hardcore pain meter and now I'd say it's a good 5. Aching, stiffness, weakness and clicking are still my symptoms.

Anybody out there gone through, going through or famialiar with this debilitating little injury????? Somebody encourage me please!

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