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Hip replacement
Jul 2, 2011
hi if anyone can give me advice on my hip replacement i had it 3 wks ago i had complications i had a hematoma inside next to the femur which was agony i cannot walk on my new hip and i have been told to now not weight bear at all for 4-6 wks so im not using it i worry that it will never be pain free now as ive read so many who are walking about on theres i know everyone is different but everyone i know who are 20 yrs older than me are doing so well also i wold like to know if the hematoma was so far inside that i couldent see it how do i know this has gone i had a doppler scan to see what was causing me so much pain i had a x-ray a wk then 2 wks after surgery and that showed to be fine but then the consultant said dont walk on it but ive had no scan to see if the hematomas gone my whole leg aches espec the ankle shin and front on the top of leg the hip itself is very stiff sore i struggle to get out of bed etc also when im sitting i have a hard bulge right in the middle at the top of the leg that goes in to my pubic area i was wondering if this was the implant im feeling or is that in the wrong place i can only feel this when in a sitting postion my hubby said i should call a dr to find out what this lump is its quite hard and im only 8 and half stone so was wondering as im so small maybe the implant can be felt if anyone can give me any input that would be great as ive also had revishion on the other side and need replacement now but im not happy about going through it all again as the revishion now needs to be put bk to what it was ie re brake the femur and put it bk on top of replacement seems all to much at the mo thanks

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