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In just over a month I will be 1 year post op from a total knee replacement. I continue to have pain daily, and try to control the pain with Aleve, and when that does not work, Vicodin. I am unable to totally bend the knee as far as the good one, stairs continue to cause a great deal of difficulty and pain, excessive sitting and walking also cause pain anad swelling. I am only able to work part days, as the knee swells and I need to spend a portion of the day with it elevated and iced. I had no idea that the total recovery time could be up to two (2) years.

I hear clicking when I walk, and some limping as well, which throws my hip out, and I have to see the Chiroprator to get realigned.

I originally blew out the knee on a rescue call, where I worked as a EMT, for a local rescue squad, and had to have a total of 7 surgerys on the knee. I had to resign from the department about 1 year after the original injury, because I could not kneel.

I was receiving W/C, (after the TKR), until the NPwho had seen me once to refill a pain med script stated I "should' be able to return to work without restrictions. Oh so wrong. Part of my normal job consists of using stairs multiple times a day, as our office is on the lower level of our building, and it does not have an elevator. As well as a great deal of sitting and walking, and other part of my job consists of assisting elederly to transfer from one place to another, and this involves some twisitng of my leg and knee. I wish that I had been told that the total recovery time was going to be so long, because I am not a patient individual. When I returned to work ofter surgery I used the stairs twice a day, as directed. Minimal swelling was seen,

I have done all of the rehab that was ordered, and the surgeon stated he felt I returned to work too soon. (Difficult to stay away when you own the joint). I returned 2 months after surgery.

After the NP indicated "should" be able to return without restrictions, I have returned to my routine prior to surgery, only to find that the pain and swelling is getting worse from the use of stairs multiple times, and assisting with treansfers, and excessive sitting and walking I do as part of my NORMAL Pre-Surgery routine.

I am not the poster child for a knee replacement.

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