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I agree with Waldosmom, you need to consider the amount of pain you have now and know that it's not going to get better, it's just not.
Before my surgery I hurt all the time, even when trying to sleep. My knee just ached like a bad tooth ache at night and was so painful to walk on it was awful. Even though the recovery is a lot of work, I am in so much less pain now then prior to surgery. I think everyone's recovery is different as there is a woman in my therapy who had her knee replaced almost five months ago and is still having problems but continues to come to rehab and try. I have been very lucky and I am recovering quickly, doing better and better as time goes by.
It's well worth it I feel. Just do your homework ahead of time, read the posts here as I said before they were very helpful to me prior to surgery. I felt well informed by people who experienced a replacement. Keep us updated. Best wishes to you.

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