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I fell jumping a fence approximately 7 months ago. When I fell, my foot stayed planted and my left knee rolled to the outside. It hurt for a good month or so and then the pain started to go away. It has come and gone since then. Over the past two weeks the pain has become pretty unbearable and has gotten worse than before. My knee doesn't seem to want to "work" properly when I walk. I'm not sure if its giving out or just not letting me extend it all the way when I'm walking, but it hurts and sends this pain shooting from the front top of my knee down the inside. This is where most of the pain has been, however I have noticed some pain on the back outside of the knee.

I have tried rest, ice, compression, elevation, knee brace, and pain meds. I've not had much luck. I thought this was a sprain, but I'm nervous it could be more with the time length. I don't want to spend a ton of money though having an mri if all it is, is a simple sprain. Help, suggestions, and comments are much appreciated! THANKS!

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