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Machines cannot compare to being on the water - agreed! When we can't be on the water due to weather, or sometimes just as part of the training we pratice on paddle ergs. Boooorrrrinnnnng! :)

It is definitely ROM that is limiting me from my activities - it's not so much that the knee doesn't bend (though it is definitely less than before), but that when it does while weight-bearing it hurts real bad (like someone plunging a knife into my knee and twisting it) and there is just no stability. Also it won't bend sideways (ie like I want to cross one leg over the other, or sit crosslegged). It hampers my ability to do yoga too, but I find ways around it there. I will work like the dickens to regain as much ROM as humanly possible after the surgery, as I know how important it is to the activities I want to continue.

I have never tried sculling, but it looks like a lot of fun. How much does a scull weigh? They look pretty light. My kayak is around 35 lbs, so portage isn't a huge deal (though the longer you carry it, the heavier it seems to get!). Though post-op I'm sure it would be.

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