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Boy, do I understand what you're going through, Patrick. I had had X-rays, an MRI, physical therapy, deep tissue massage (that was unbelievably painful - I'm sure I accidentally spit in my therapist's face once when I held my breath and finally burst out in pain). I was in tears at the end of two years and received the news that the arthrogram (MRI with contrast) showed nothing wrong. The pain was sudden, piercing, and excruciating, and then calm. It was like shock therapy throughout every day and even at night when I'd roll over in my sleep. Any rotation in my right foot put me through the roof. I just wanted an answer.

It was the start of my third year of "nothing wrong" when I was directed to another surgeon who did hip arthroscopy. He was the one who suggested FAI and before recommending arthroscopy, did an injection test with a numbing agent followed by a steroid to see if it was in the hip joint itself. I was told it could last months, or maybe only weeks. The first night was like a miracle. I was laying in bed and let my foot roll to the right...and for the first time in more than two years, it didn't hurt. I even had my husband drop his leg to tug on the sheets, as he's done before, which woke me from a dead sleep in pain. It didn't hurt. I know I fell asleep with a smile on my face that night.

Then, about 4 days later, pain started to return. I was SO disappointed. I had my follow-up with the surgeon about 2 weeks later and told him that it didn't work. He asked me, "At all?" I told him that it did work, but only for a couple of days. He responded, "But it DID work." I answered yes. From there, he referred me to an outstanding surgeon who is known nationally for his skill in hip arthroscopy. The rest of the story goes on, but that injection procedure absolutely answered the question. When I visited with the final surgeon, he asked me a lot of questions and had me explain what I recalled of how it came about. He gave me the physical exam and then concluded with, "You've got torn cartilage." I burst into a big smile and shrieked, "REALLY?" I was so happy to have that confirmation. Bet he never had someone do handstands over that kind of news, but it was such a relief to know that a solution could finally be in my future.

Do the injection, see if it answers the question. You'll feel better just knowing something! Good luck!


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