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Okay, so here I go again with another knee problem! I thought that I was finally to a point where I had things under control with all of my pain and then I had to fall about as hard as you can onto a hard tile floor!

[B][U]My injury details:[/U][/B] I was stepping over a baby gate, I had my left leg over it on the floor and then one of my toes on my right foot got caught in the mesh as my right leg was coming over the gate. There was nothing I could do as the forward momentum I had going threw me off balance. I probably was completely airborn and then crashed down onto the tile floor hitting the outside of my right knee and right elbow.

So, the pain is pretty intense, a sharp pain when I try to walk. I'm really only hobbling around right now, it's very hard to walk without feeling that sharp pain. For example, the pain will occur if I'm standing and make the slightest torsional movement counter clockwise. I iced it right away, there's some swelling, but not extremely noticable.

[B][U]Question:[/U][/B] [B]What the heck could I have done?[/B] I don't think I twisted it a lot when I fell. I did smack down pretty hard, I'm not a heavy person, maybe a bit too boney in my knee area where this ends up causeing a lot of pain! I really hope that it's just bruised, [B]but does a bruise along the LCL portion of your knee cause such debilitating pain?[/B] I can't walk without this sharp pain if I move ever so slightly in the wrong direction!!!

I'm just so mad :mad: and don't have time to be injured, I'm wondering if a cortisone shot will help. I have a 21 month old to take care and feel totally useless, my husband has to do everything for my son! I need to get better quick, my last knee injury was a ridiculous healing process (2 years of misdiagnosis, then a new doctor found a tumor as a result of trauma). I just don't want to go through the whole blow off from the doctors again, I want it better NOW! I'm just so frustrated!!! :eek:

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