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A quick word (or 2) of advice ... DO IT !!!
Like you, I got 'stuck' at less than 90-degrees flexion on both my knees after bilateral replacement.
The manipulation was scheduled and I was a nervous wreck. Had a major pity-party for myself, complete with many crying sessions.

The manipulation was COMPLETELY worth it!!
It's OK to be a wimp while you're considering this procedure.
They use general anesthesia during the manipulation -- so you won't feel a thing until you're in the recovery room.

Was it painful after the procedure ... uh, YES!! I was in considerable pain for about 2-3 days afterwards.
But, the results in physical therapy were astounding.
The doctor was able to bend both my legs to 130-degrees flexion during the manipulation.
I was able to get to about 120-degrees on both knees during physical therapy.
A HUGE improvement.

Anyway, feel free to message me again if you want more info -- or a shoulder to whine on.

Good luck.
I think you will appreciate the result once you get through those first few days.

Take care,

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