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If I may ask, what is your age? I was treating with a good knee surgeon who said at 45 I was too young for TKR, could not do anything surgically, Synvisc had failed (and was expensive), I could no longer tolerate cortisone, and all I could do is wear my knee brace for pain control.

For Synvisc I had the 5 shot version as well. Under my health plan (which is usually generous and leaves me with relatively low costs) it was $40 doctor copay per shot and $50 pharmacy co-pay per shot. So 5 shots at $90 = $450. If it had worked it would have been well worth the cost, and I've met some people who have life changing success with Synvisc and similar injections.

My neighbor works for a knee surgeon she had been trying to get me to see for 2 years. I did see him end of July, he put the 1 yr old MRI up, showed me where the bones are meeting and bone-on-bone. He turned to me and said "so when do you want to do the TKR?". I had hoped for some miracle new surgery that would avoid a TKR but that doesn't exist.

So at 45 he thinks I can get 20-30 yr out of the knee. He did ask what activities I plan to return to and due to spine problems and left knee problems as well all I want to do is walk, recumbent bike, etc. If I had told him I wanted to get back to running, golf, or tennis he'd have had to consider carefully if I was a good candidate and get the right knee for those activities. I only plan to walk, recumbent bike, etc.

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