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:confused:I had surgery July 1, 2011. A Wednesday It was very tramatic. I spent a lot of time in pain and therapy for bending the knee. By Aug. 17 I was scheduled for a manipulation of the knee because my knee had "frozen" at 83% and we could not get additional bend without extreme pain.

I WAS SCARED TO DEATH of the manipulation. It was done on "outpatient" and they used (I call it) the "Michael Jackson Special" for anethesia. When I woke up I was in terrible pain and they had to give me Dialdad (sp?) which I guess is a type of morphine, to ease the pain.

As soon as I was "awake" I was driven to the Therapy place and had therapy that same day. I cried the whole time as my knee was being stretched. On that date to 110%. I was told I shouldn't feel anything because I'd had so much "anethesia". WRONG.

I continued with therapy the next 2 days Thurs/Fri. I must say that the pain I had been having was gone, but had been replaced with another typ. of pain. Kind of hard to explain, the difference between a very bad headache in the knee, to more of a mechanical pain. Thurs therapy wasn't too bad, as they took it easy on me, but Friday was horrible. That left the weekend for the knee to get stiff again. On Monday my knee was back to 87% and we stretched it back to 102 with much patience and pain.

Swelling continued. Each time I went to therapy I was in pain and had reverted to 92% mobility, which I am at now, WHEN I HAVE THERAPY.

I finally got so sick of the pain that I started to go to my local Y to work on stuff myself. I did 20 min forward on the treadmil, slowly, and 10 min backward, very slowly. Then I stretch my knee myself on a machine, as far as I can. Then I go to the warm pool and the Jacuzzi for the final 45 minutes.

I must say that adding my own therapy has been a good decision. I like to
control my pain myself. When I got therapy myself, I insist on being the one to move my knee under their direction. A much better decision for me.

I asked if I could rent a machine they were using for "stretching" I have named it the RACK. Luckily my insurance will pay for this. This will allow me to take a lot of pain pills (which general make me want to throw up), at home and stretch the knee myself.

One of the things that happened is that my leg is not "straight" and I have to work on that, too.

I'm not sure if I would have gone for a knee replacment if I had been aware of the pain and length of recovery. Everyone told me "Oh, just take a lot of pain pills and you'lll do fine in 6 weeks". My body says NO NO to that. I am not the kind of person who does well on "pain pills".

In conclusion, it is now 71/2 weeks past surgery and I am FINALLY feeling like I have control over my knee and will continue the therapy MYSELF. My goal is to straighten my leg and to get at least enough bend so that I can ride a bike.

Oh, by the way, I am 64 year old small women (5 feet) and not overweight. I have been physically active most of my life. I really do feel my size has been a detriment to surgery and recovery. Most of the people I talked to who did "super" have been men. The women I have talked to who did well were much bigger than me. One who was the same size as me still can't bend her knee properly. (this is observational, not research) I wonder if there is a correlation?

Also, those who went to a Recovery Center (Hospital care), seem to do better than those who went home and had home therapy and then outpatient therapy (like me). I am sorry that I made the decision NOT TO DO THAT.
I would have done much better (just some whoops advice). I advise you to do this, rather than going home. They can medicate you thoroughly so you won't be in as much pain as I was.

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