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Hi there!

My dad had his hips replaced at 50, after his mild congenital hip dysplasia led to bone-on-bone arthritis. Not young, but young for joint replacement.

In the few years right before the surgery, he had trouble getting around and was very stiff. He would lurch from side to side when he walked and have to contort himself sideways to get in and out of the car. Because he was born with abnormal hips, he had more movement after the surgery than he did even as a child, so I'm not sure what that tells you.

He bikes and walks A LOT, including hills. He still does exercises every single morning to keep his legs strong. (At age 59, this man is still not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley!) He snow-skis, but not as aggressively as he used to, because he doesn't want to risk falling. He no longer ice skates, because of the awkward twisting-out movement. He doesn't run any more either, of course.

Carnival rides shouldn't be a problem. Jet skiing... probably, once your hips are very well healed. Ask your surgeon.

For about 9 months after the operation, the joints are more vulnerable to displacement and there are restrictions on how you can move or bend. Riding a horse or jet ski during this period might not be OK.

Afterward, the joints are harder to displace. A month ago, my dad crashed his bike and hurt his hip. Initially he was freaked that he might have displaced the implant, but they took him to the hospital and discovered that the implant was exactly where it belonged, he'd just cracked his femur. Just today he emailed me that he'd gotten his brace off and was allowed to put a little weight on it. :D

So my father was in a moderate speed bicycle crash and landed on his hip without displacing the replacement. No doubt his very strong thigh muscles helped protect it. Still, do try to avoid crashing into things after your surgery.

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