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So, I'm now seven months out from my knee injury. The fracture healed cleanly, the MRI showed no damage to the ligaments and only superficial lesions of the articular cartilage. The meniscus was slightly torn, but the arthroscopy 8/17 showed that the meniscus actually healed, too. There's no scar tissue or synovial impingement inside the joint.

It could be infrapatellar bursitis, because the injury was blunt force trauma and the pain is in the right place, but that's not usually disabling all by itself. I'm going back to the orthopedist on Sept 26th, but at this point, I really don't know what more he can do. During May and June it wasn't that bad, but in July it started getting swollen again, and now...

For now, I'm just trying to get by. And honestly, I'm doing a pretty lousy job of it. I absolutely have to have exercise to keep my brain balanced, and the measly upper body workouts aren't cutting it. I need cardio and movement.

I started back at work Monday, and it was so brutally hard. I can't imagine how I can possibly get through this. Yes, I worked on crutches for six weeks last winter, but that left me exhausted, depressed and suffering from a collection of secondary injuries. I can't do that again. And no, more time off is not an option unless I want to give up my job.

Besides, I'm not sure more time would help. It's just not getting better.

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