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Looking for opinions from those who may have had this problem. I have had a bad left knee for many years with four surgeries over the years for tears and arthritis - the first surgery was back in the 1970's before the arthriscope was used. Over the past few years, the right knee has becoming painful from arthritis. Anyway, on August 31, my left knee gave out when I was walking out of work. I landed on both knees and elbows on the cement parking lot. Left knee (bad one) is very sore but the right knee (better one) now has has sharp pain in the back and on the left inside when I walk (I did not have this type of pain before in the good knee). I went to a new Orthopaedic guy yesterday who referred me to a knee replacement specialist for the left knee - his exact quote when he looked at pictures of the bad knee was that "it looks like a bomb blew up in there". For the good right knee, an MRI is being scheduled as the doc thinks it may be torn. I am a bit overwhelmed with this and I am not sure how I would even handle this if I needed a scope on the right knee and a replacement on the left. Has anyone had this problem and in what order would you address these problems? Any advice would really be appreciated....

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